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Extraordinary Ministers

A Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is a fully initiated lay person in good standing and fully participates in the teaching of the church. An Extraordinary Minister will assist with the distribution of the Body & Blood of Christ during Mass. Training is provided on a local and diocesan level.


A person appointed for the preparation of a particular Mass whether it is the vigil or Sunday Mass, weekday Mass, Holy Days of Obligation and special occasion services like Sacramental Mass (First Eucharist, Confirmation, Matrimonial). A sacristan takes care of the sacristy informing the proper person if wine, host, charcoal, incense etc... need replenishing, and other articles required by the celebrant for any liturgical Celebration.                                                                                        


A Lector is a fully initiated lay person in good standing and fully participates in the teaching of the church. A Lector is appointed to proclaim the word of God at the first part of the Mass which is the Liturgy of the Word. Accordingly a lector reads the lesson from the lectionary, except the Gospel, in the Mass and in other sacred celebrations; recites the psalms between the readings in the absence of the psalmist; presents the intentions for general intercessions when the deacon is absent; and may also direct the congregation in the singing.

Altar Server

An Altar Server may be an Adult or child, male or female who has received the first two Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism & First Communion) and participates fully in the Mass. An altar server assist priest at liturgical & sacramental celebrations.



"To sing is to pray twice" St. Augustine. We have been given many gifts and one is the gift of song. In the parish of St. Joseph there is always a need for cantors, choir members, & musicians. All ages are welcomed. Assisting in the choir ministry enables the whole congregation in the Praise and Worship of the Holy Mass. 


Are you a people person? Well then the ministry of Ushers is for you. As an usher or a greeter of hospitality you have the opportunity to welcome the parishioners and guests who have come to worship with us. An usher also informs the priest of visiting guest, collecting the offering during Mass, helping parishioner find a seat and securing the church after everyone has left.

Environment Ministry

The Liturgical Environment Team decorates the church to reflect both the liturgical season and the scriptural readings for the season. The kind of person interested in this ministry tends to enjoy learning more about the liturgical seasons and tends to enjoy art, crafts, sewing, building, painting, hanging lights on Christmas trees, arranging and watering flowers. What are your gifts? Will you share them?

Altar Society

St. Joseph parish would like to begin a new ministry. The Altar Society consist of parishioners who prepare the altar for Sunday, weekday Masses, and other liturgical celebrations at the parish. Those in this ministry make sure all altar linens, corporals, and purificator are clean and ready for use. That the altar is clean and plants are watered. If you would like to be part of this ministry please call the parish office. Take this information and pray on it.


The Ministry with Youth (Young Apostles) is committed to serving and giving hope to the young people in the parish of St. Joseph. Our goal is to help young people become true disciples of Christ in a world full of challenges & struggles, Hope & opportunity to be active, and responsible participation in the life, work, and mission of the Church. As a youth minister you must be faithful to the challenges of our own time, and using the gifts before us, including technology, so that you may bring many people to live well in this life and the next. Team members must be in good standing with the church and follow diocesan safe environment guidelines.


In the ministry of Young Adults (ENCORE)our goal here at St. Joseph is to connect young adults with Jesus Christ through spiritual formation/direction, religious education/formation, and vocational discernment. To connect young adults to the Church through evangelizing outreach, formation of the faith community, and pastoral care. To connect young adults with the mission of the Church in the world through forming a Christian conscience, educating and developing leaders for the present and future. To connect young adults with a peer community through developing peer leadership and identifying a young adult team for the purpose of forming faith communities of peers.


Bereavement Support Ministry

Loss and grief are a natural part of our human life. When we lose a loved one, the grieving process can be slow and painful. In the bereavement ministry you are trained through diocesan specialization courses and will be able in assisting parishioners and community members in their grieving process. This ministry shows family members that they are not alone.

Catholic Women's Organization

The Catholic Women's Organization of St. Joseph  is a women's group that strive to bring life and vitality to the parish community, families at home and the community through spiritual growth and service. This ministry meets once a month to pray together, plan for activities and events, and fellowship.

Catholic Men's Organization

More information coming soon.

Eucharistic Adoration

"Could you not watch with Me one hour"? This is what Jesus asked the disciples during His agony. There is no requirements for this ministry just love for the Lord. This ministry gives you an opportunity to spend at least an hour in the presence of the Lord. To be quiet and listen to what the Lord is telling you. Our Adoration Chapel is located behind the church and is available 24/7. You are invited to sign up for one hour, one day a week or just come.

God's Healing Hands Ministry

In this ministry you are part of fervent prayer warriors who pray for persons on a face to face setting. This ministry supports those in the community in prayer for physical, spiritual & mental healing. Join our ministry every 4th Wednesday of the month.

Martha's Meals

Martha's Meals is a ministry created for the purpose of assisting bereaved families in time of need. The Function of the ministry is to provide a means for the gathering of family and friends after a funeral to interact with one another in a consoling and loving environment. Martha's Meals is made up of teams who are assigned for a reception. They come to set up and be present for those who drop off items for the reception. They provide refreshments, help serve and clean up afterward so the families can be present with their family and friends.

Maintenance Ministry

As you can see our parish of St. Joseph extends a full block and requires alot of upkeep. If you have time to spare during a day or if your retired and would like to keep busy this ministry might be for you. Landscaping needs to be cleaned & pruned, painting, sprinklers need to be fixed and many other projects may be needed to beautify the parish. We seek licensed plumbers, electricians, landscapers etc... to volunteer their time for their parish.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

As a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Rosary/Novena Ministry you work through prayer and service to promote a devotion to our Mother Mary.

St Joseph Prayer Group

Rejoice Always! Pray without ceasing 1Thessolonian 5:16.This ministry is solely based on prayer. A monthly letter and list of needs connects those who choose this ministry of prayer. All you need to do is remember those who have asked for prayers at a time of your choice and offer your prayers for them. You must make a daily commitment to pray for all the people in the list each day anyway you choose to do it.

Scripture Study

I will ponder your precepts and consider your paths. In your statutes I take delight; I will never forget your word. Psalm 119:15-16

Who is your Savior to you? In our parish bible study you are taken on a journey to answer that question for yourself. A better understanding of your journey with Christ through our small group bible study assist you in recognizing through God's word His message for you. The Little rock Scripture study provides tools for Bible study that help us Read, pray with, and study the Bible for a deeper understanding.


Knights of Columbus Council 1830

In service to all. The Knights of Columbus is the world's largest Catholic fraternal service organization. Based of the principles of charity, unity, & fraternity. Our local chapter of Brother Knights involve themselves to render financial aid to members and their families. Raise money for the mentally challenged, scholarships for students, promote fellowship among members and their parish. They help in events that are local, vicariate and in a diocesan level. They meet on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Pro-Life Ministry

In the parochial setting, this ministry focuses on encouraging education of the parish and community on life issues by distributing literature, organizing activities, organizing approved speakers to give talks on pro-life issues. These activities are coordinated by the ministry coordinator. Here at St. Joseph it is done by prayer, fundraising, and working with our local Barstow Pregnancy Center.

Soup Kitchen

For I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink Matt 25:42. Have you ever encountered someone who was hungry? Would you like to help feed those in need? St. Joseph's Soup Kitchen is a ministry that helps feed those who are less fortunate. Soup Kitchen is made of volunteers who meet on Saturday mornings and help prepare and feed the community a hot meal. They provide sandwiches that are made for the parish office to hand out during the week in a sack lunch. You may also participate by donating goods to the ministry like, bread, lunchmeat, individual snacks, & water. This is part of being in the ministry.


Veteran's Home Barstow Outreach Ministry

This wonderful ministry helps us to be witnesses to Christ's love for our brothers and sisters in the Veteran's Home by providing Catholic Community and Sacraments and to grow in our faith by sharing in their faith at this blessed time of their lives.


Our Lady of Guadalupe

As patroness of the Americas, Our Lady of Guadalupe's feast day is celebrated here locally at the parish but also through out our diocese. This ministry is a not only a prayer group but also plans throughout the year to put a wonderful liturgy, and hospitality to commemorate this feast day. This ministry looks for persons with ideas, creativity and devotion to our blessed Mother. Would you like to be part of the ministry?  Think about it and pray on it.


Quinceañera is the Spanish word for 15. Just like in the U.S a young lady celebrates her sweet 16, in the Latin America culture it is at age 15. This ministry helps a young lady to understand her coming of age in the spiritual aspect of life. To enlighten her spiritual formation and how to continue her journey of faith with God at her side. Team members help in the 6 week course that is given to the young ladies and help coordinate the Mass for this special celebration.

Sacramental Ministries

The sacramental ministries are provided in English and Spanish. If you would like to be part of the ministry team for Baptism, Marriage Initiative or a catechist for the sacrament of First Eucharist or Confirmation in Spanish please join us.


The ministry of Religious formation journeys with children, youth, and adults to establish a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is done by getting to know Jesus Christ through the sacraments and the teachings of the church.

How do we achieve this goal? By having wonderful persons as yourselves helping in the instruction of our children, youth, and adults.

We look for Catechist. What is a catechist? A Catechist is one who "Echoes" the word and teachings of Jesus Christ. In other words “One who shares their faith with others". There are many ways you can assist in Religious Education Formation below are a few.

First Eucharist

The Eucharistic "the source and summit of our Christian worship." (LG11) The sacrament in which we receive the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a catechist, you will journey with children, youth and adults depending where you would like to minister in preparing them to receive Christ for the first time.


This Sacrament was instituted by Jesus Christ in promising to send the Holy Spirit (Jn 14:15-21). The sacrament of Confirmation completes the sacrament of Baptism and also completes the Sacraments of Initiation. In our diocese this sacrament is given at the age of 16 and up. As a catechist in this ministry you will work with a deeper formation and teaching of the church teachings to help them grow into their Christian life.


RCIA stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. A catechist in this ministry will catechize those who are in search of  being fully initiated in the Catholic faith through the sacrament of Baptism, First Communion, & Confirmation or make a profession of faith to complete their sacraments of initiation with First Communion & Confirmation as they are already Baptized in another faith which is recognized by the Catholic Church. A catechist in this ministry will help support those on this journey of faith to deepen their relationship with Christ through the teachings of the church in Sacred Scripture & Tradition. Here at the parish of St. Joseph we have this ministry for Adults and children who are 7 years of age and up.

Children's Liturgy of the Word 

The ministry of the Liturgy of the Word for children reflects on the Sunday liturgy at their level of understanding. The Liturgy of the Word follows the liturgical year of the church with lessons filled with song, skits, coloring and other activities.


The parish of St. Joseph welcomes you and invites you to share with our community of Faith your Time, Talents, and Treasures. As you have read there are many ministries to choose from. Our ministries are in English & Spanish and even bilingual. If you are interested in a ministry please contact the Parish Office at 760-256-6818 with your information and ministry of interest. The Ministry Coordinator will be in contact with you for any questions you may have or any possible training that might be needed. Won't you join us in ministry to continue the work of Christ here on earth?